Monday, January 30, 2012

Sad Day for Women's Soccer

The 2012 WPS season has been cancelled.  Because the organization is now bogged down in litigation with an idiot former owner.  My initial reaction is anger.  Perhaps I will take the time later to actually analyze the situation, but for now I want to express how sad this makes me for women's soccer.  While I don't personally follow the WPS very closely, I do know that the vast majority of the players on the USWNT (all but one, I think) play for WPS teams.  This means that, aside from national team duty, these girls are out of a job.  Not to mention all the girls who don't play for the national team.

Read the article about the situation here.

1 comment:

  1. Whaaaat ?? No ! this is so sad, America is like an example for women's soccer. Women players in Europe always look up to you guys because you got the first pro championship and stuff. You have the best and most inspiring players ! I'm really sad for them. I am hoping that they go for the gold in London but this doesn't put them in the best of conditions. Anyway, I hope this "idiot" can figure it out and do something.